Cat? Human? Strange creature posted online has people in Malaysia freaking out

The image appeared on the internet a few days ago and the police have had to intervene

Pink-looking, with a human baby face and feline limbs, this strange creature has become an endless talking point on social media. A video, alongside images, went viral online and have terrified the population of Malaysia. Even the police have been involved to tell people the phenomenon isn’t real. 

Those who posted the images say they found the strange specimen in a Malaysian forest and denied it came from a clandestine laboratory. The posts had so much impact that the police were forced to give a press conference to deny the hoax.

The state police chief said these were old images that had been downloaded in Malaysia and shared on social networks. According to the police, it is a silicon doll made to look like a baby werewolf. It is a reborn doll – meaning a hyperrealistic doll sold on the internet – and a joke in bad taste.

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