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A man died in a violent bar fight trying to defend a woman from aggressor

An unfortunate end to someone trying to help


On September 29, Israel Hernandez was partying at the Attico bar in Cuernavaca, 85 kilometers from Mexico City. At around 4 o’clock in the morning, the young man witnessed a violent argument between a couple nearby.

The man, with glasses and a black jacket, cornered the young woman against the wall. Hernandez, dressed in a white shirt, decided to intervene and help the woman. What the young man did not know was that stopping this macho aggression was going to cost him his life.

The victim rose from a bench where he was sitting and stood between the couple to push the girl away and prevent the heated confrontation from boiling over.

It was then that the aggressor, identified as Oscar ‘El Negro’, was angered and punched at Hernandez. The pair threw several punches that ended with an assassination on the ground. Quickly and after getting up, ‘El Negro’ drew a gun and fired it at the victim’s chest, prompting him to fall onto his back. ‘El Negro’ continued to kick him. 

A security guard appeared, but instead of arresting the murderer and handing him over to the police, he asked the perpetrator to leave and accompanied him to the exit.

According to Mórelos state authorities, the fugitive is still free but identified. Sadly, Israel Hernandez lost his life.

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