At least 300 dead and 500 injured in Somalia capital’s deadliest single terror attack

Islamist terrorist group Al-Shabab is believed to have carried out the attack

The worst terror attack anywhere in the world in recent memory has claimed the lives of at least 300 in Mogadishu, Somalia, with several hundreds more seriously injured.

A truck packed with hundreds of kilograms of military-made and homemade explosives caused the devastating incident. Al-Shabaab, an Islamist group in Somalia, are believed to be behind the attack.

Sources close to the Somali government said the truck had been stopped at a checkpoint and was about to be searched when the driver suddenly accelerated. It crashed through a barrier and exploded, igniting a fuel tanker parked nearby, creating a huge fireball.

Officials said dozens of victims had already been buried. ‘One hundred and sixty of the bodies could not be recognised and so they were buried by the government [on Sunday],’ Aden Nur, a doctor at the city’s Madina hospital, said. ‘The others were buried by their relatives. Over a hundred injured were also brought here.’

Such a brutal assault on people’s lives has come after Al-Shabab promised to increase its offensive in light of the Trump administration and Somali president Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed’s increased military clampdown on the group.

A definitive death toll may never be established because the intense heat generated by the blast incinerated those nearby.

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