British man jailed for three months in Dubai for touching man’s hip

The region’s conservatism has come down hard on a tourist once more

A Scottish man who was arrested for touching a man’s hip in Dubai has been sentenced to three months imprisonment under the United Arab Emirates’s strict laws.

Jamie Harron, 27, from Sterling, was arrested in July and charged with public indecency at the Rock Bottom bar. The electrician claims he was simply trying to avoid spilling his drink.

On Sunday, justice campaigning group Detained in Dubai announced that Harron had been sentenced to three months behind bars. The group said he would appeal against the jail term but he faced further court proceedings for drinking alcohol and for allegedly swearing at the businessman he touched.

In a statement, the group said Harron was ‘angry, disappointed and dreads what may happen next. He feels betrayed and exploited by the system, which did not investigate the reports of key witnesses in his defence and led him to believe that the case would be dropped.’

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