‘Buffy’ actor Nicholas Brendon arrested for alleged domestic abuse

The former star has fallen from grace yet again

You may remember him from the feminist, kick-ass show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but he is no feminist.

Nicholas Brendon – who played mild-mannered and geeky Xander Harris in the series – was taken into custody in Palm Springs, California, on October 11 after an alleged violent scuffle between himself and an unnamed woman, believed to be his girlfriend.

Brendon was arrested on charges of domestic violence and violating a protective order. He is accused of pulling the woman’s arm, and her hair, during an argument at the Saguaro Hotel.

Police told Entertainment Tonight Online that the woman has two other protective orders against Brendon in New York and Florida. The order allows Brendon to be near the woman, but prohibits him from threatening, harassing, injuring or assaulting her.

Palm Springs Police Department released the fallen star on October 12 on a $50,000 bail bond, according to records. He is due to appear in court on November 28.

This certainly isn’t the first time Brendon has had a run-in with the law. In December 2015, he pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal mischief at the Saratoga Springs City Court in New York after allegedly choking his girlfriend in a hotel room.

The judge is believed to have ruled that Bredon – who has long struggled with substance abuse and depression – would not serve jail time and would instead complete drug and alcohol counseling, as well as avoiding breaking the law for a year.

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