They smashed the window to steal the briefcase… but then they looked inside

Thieves thought the case was full of drugs, money, or drugs money, but they were destined for disappointment


The thieves followed the guy home after seeing a fancy-looking briefcase on the back seat of his car. They thought they were about to hit the jackpot. What else could be in there but money, drugs, or drug money, right? 

Umm, not exactly…

So maybe a briefcase full of sex toys didn’t arouse the thieves’ excitement, but surely internet users found the image kind of amusing, right? Wrong. After all, what’s so exciting about a bunch of dildos in the digital age? It’s nothing to write home about. But somebody getting their words mixed up? Well, that’s good hunting! Somebody saying ‘side view mirror’ instead of window? That’s an unpardonable offence to all those expert commentators on YouTube.


YOUTUBE 5There was no let up.


Well, alright, so he’s not going to be winning the Nobel prize for literature anytime soon, but all this abuse is a little much, isn’t it? It could have been worse, we suppose.

YOUTUBE 7The contents of that briefcase might come in handy for helping him with the stress of dealing with the insurance company.

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