A drunk man squares up to an MMA fighter and it ends just how you think it would

When you think you’re Rocky and you end up eating pavement

It’s not always the best idea to provoke someone when you have no follow-through plan.  Less so at night.  Even less so when you have more whisky than strategy in your brain.

And it’s definitely a terrible idea to do all this to a mixed martial arts fighter.

Because you’ll probably end up like this:

Nice and warm on the ground and immobilised for your own good.  This happened at the exit of a bar in Johnson City, Tennessee. The victim?  He squared up to a security guard who happened to be John Hernholm, an MMA fighter with a record of 5 wins in his 5 amateur championship fights and one (the only disputed) in the professionals.

Fortunately for all involved, Hernholm didn’t intend to cause too much harm with his well-aimed uppercut to the jaw of the perpetrator.

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